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Algal Growth Media
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Algal growth media are nutrient-enriched liquid solutions that support the growth of algae. Periodic dilution of actively growing algal cultures with new growth medium can sustain the culture indefinitely. The seawater base is collected from Half Moon Bay (California), ultraviolet germicidal irradiated, enriched with 2 macro- and 14 micro-nutrients, and the final formulation is sterile filtered (no autoclaving or heat) to ensure quality and extended shelf life. Growth media are packaged in quantities of 500 mL (16.9 fl oz) in Nalgene™ PET sterile square bottles. Learn More
Nalgene Erlenmeyer Flasks
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Sterile Erlenmeyer flask. Ideal for growth of liquid cultures of algae. Vented closure (hydrophobic 0.2 µm membrane) provides sterile gas exchange to support aerobic respiration and photosynthesis.

Maximum VolumeWorking VolumeSterilizationMaterial
500 mL100 to 300 mLGammaPETG

Maximum VolumeWorking VolumeSterilizationMaterial
1000 mL200 to 500 mLGammaPETG
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