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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Lifespan
    Bioluminescent algae live for approximately 1 to 2 months without maintenance. Bioluminescent algae may live indefinitely if periodically provided with new growth medium. To extend the lifespan of your algae, purchase additional growth medium, and consider upgrading packaging to an Erlenmeyer flask. Cultures will have an extended lifespan when maintained in Erlenmeyer flasks, as compared to square bottles (the default packaging for shipment). For school laboratories, glass Erlenmeyer flasks autoclaved with foil or foam stoppers are also excellent for maintaining dinoflagellate cultures.

  2. Additional Growth Media for Algae
    To use, gently shake an existing culture of algae, dispose of 75% by volume, and replenish to original volume with new medium. Depending on growth conditions, repeat this process every 3 to 4 weeks, before bioluminescence begins to fade.

  3. Order Dispatch and Delivery Times
    Orders are generally dispatched for shipment within one week, subject to product availability. Customers seeking bulk quantities of algae should contact Empco prior to placing an order to confirm delivery commitment times. Express shipping methods imply diminished transit time for living specimens, and do not necessarily accelerate shipment dispatch time. If your order is urgent, please email Empco in advance to confirm a delivery commitment date.

  4. Shipments to Extreme Climates
    If temperatures are below 25 °F/-4 °C or above 75 °F/24 °C in the delivery destination, USPS Express or FedEx service is required to guarantee safe arrival of living specimens.

  5. Shipping Quotes
    To receive a shipping quote, add desired products to your shopping cart and enter your postal details on the shopping cart page.

  6. International Shipping Quotes
    International shipments are possible to most destinations. Empco uses FedEx International Priority service for international orders containing living specimens. To receive a quote, add desired products to your shopping cart and enter your postal details on the shopping cart page. One or more shipment methods will appear if express service is possible to your destination.